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嗤匯遍哂猟梧溺伏蟹議 互咳何蛍 握C亜烋兔 握C亜烋兔

頁冉肘弌徨議宅?usher議載謹梧脅頁喇囂賑簡怏撹互咳´´ usher 冉肘弌徨 complicated i can't let you go can you help me hottest thing separated u got it bad ´´

廸伉纛 哀

こなたのテマ 宸遍

s.h.e議ring ring ring 挫油 李寡追、仍阻

富溺扮旗議 哀烋兔

because of you 殴慧梧返:kelly clarkson囂冱:哂囂i will not make the same mistakes that you didi will not let myselfcause my heart so much miseryi will not break the way you didyou fell so hardi ve learned the hard wayto never let it get that


及匯郡哘頁将灸玲爆Butterfly - Rabiit Dance 泌惚音頁壅弖諒厘杏


Upside Down 梧返:唖依富定怏(A-Teens) 廨辞: Teen Spirit 巷望: Mca巷望(桟白蟹頭) My grades are down from As to Ds Im way behind in history I lost myself in fantasies Of you and me together I dont know why - I - I but dreamings all I do

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