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1)Today, I feel stair very dirty, I want to do good deeds. I said to her mother, "I want to clean sweep on the first floor, has been stair." Mother agreed. So I took the broom began to clean the stair, from my house to the fif...

您好! Wednesday,August 2nd ,sunny It was a fine day! The weather was sunny and hot. We visited the Great Wall on the first day. There were many people on the Great Wall. The next day, we visited the Palace Museum and Tian’an ...

The time is on Monday, on May 1st, 2007. Sunny! Today is May 1st. It is a very important day.

We finally had a little decent rain tonight after many stinky hot days. I love rainy days, which always make me calm and enjoy readings or watching movies. I watched movie "Hachiko: A Dog Story". The story is about a dog named ...

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